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Hello, I'm Paul Wolstenholme, psychotherapist in training, workplace wellbeing consultant, Mental Health First Aid instructor and personal coach. You can now buy me a coffee to support the voluntary work I do to support others with their mental health, holistic wellbeing and personal development through my friendly online community, Pathlight Thrive Hive.

Pathlight Thrive Hive is a Facebook group providing FREE daily support, resources and connection to help people through the pandemic and beyond. Daily sessions include live webinars and workshops with holistic health professionals and those with lived experience of mental health issues, regular connection, support sessions around positive relationships, homeworking, home-schooling, loneliness, resilience and navigating lockdown fun events like book clubs, singing sessions, yoga, meditation and more.

Positive wellbeing is promoted through raising awareness and destigmatising mental health issues, peer support, mindfulness and compassion, providing empowering strategies to combat isolation, manage emotions like anxiety, stress, anger, overwhelm and depression, and connect with others.

Please share this free, friendly, inspiring Facebook group far and wide.

Please get in touch if you would like to share your story, work or knowledge around mental health, holistic wellbeing, personal development, etc. 

Thank you,


💚🐝 🙏

Someone bought 8 coffees.
Someone bought 7 coffees.

Amazing work. Very grateful for your commitment to making the world a better and more compassionate place . Thank you 

Thank you very much for your generous donation and kind words :)

Someone bought 2 coffees.
Sophie bought 3 coffees.
Louisa Page
Louisa Page bought 3 coffees.

Cheers to your success Paul!! I like that you persevere even when things get less than peachy 🙂

Thank you for your kind words and generous donation, Louisa :)