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Hello Beautiful, my name is Nikita.

I'm a Certified Essential Oils Specialist, Mindset Business Coach, Endometriosis Warrior, and Podcast Host.

Is it a flare and heating pad kind of day?? Let me be real there’s usually some part of the day where you’ll find me curled up with my heating pad lol. I’m grateful I can laugh and embrace it now but it took some to get here.

Truthfully, there have been times in the past when I just kicked myself for using too many spoons and not giving myself enough love and grace for a woman living with multiple chronic illnesses. Sometimes months would go by when I just felt stuck, uninspired, and alone. So if you’ve ever felt that way or are feeling that way now… my heart can so understand and I want you to hear me NOW,

“Things can get better!” When I heard those words from a dear friend, mentor, and fellow chronic illness warrior it flashed a light on the dark place I was in and it reminded me that to really look and believe in possibilities. After that moment I worked hard for years on my mindset and it changed my BUSINESS and LIFE.

AND It all Started with Clarity! 

I know how important this is to you because I've been where you are searching for clarity and the flexibility to do things my way. It took me many years of stress-induced flare-ups to figure it out. But I did and now not only am I growing a thriving and sustainable business while living with multiple chronic illnesses, I've also been able to help other women just like you to do it too.

That's why I continue to show up and share my story