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This is our support page. If you like our pictures or/and want to use them please read below. Any support will be use to fill coffee cups, nitrox tanks or lithium batteries.

Our main objective here is not the make money but to create a possibility for people that dived with us to get a memory from the dives, the fish or themself.

All of the pictures are on a Creative Commons licence "BY".

That means that you can copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative work and remixes for free only by giving the credit of the authors. You can download, share, post and even sell the pictures, with just remembering to put our name on them.

We believe that sharing and supporting is more interesting than selling and buying.

  • If you would like pictures without watermark, or if there is a picture of you in our IG that you would like us to remove please contact us by mail.
  • For law proposes we don't publish online pictures with minors on them or if we do we hide they face. Please write us if you want an original copy.

Julia and Leopoldo.                                           Tiamat and Abzu.                                            JP and LPLD