Shatner Death Mask Gives Me Doomsday Vibes 

The Halloween movie franchise is back with the twelfth installment. It’s about Michael Myers, a psychopathic knife-wielding incel in a William Shatner “death mask”.

The real William Shatner was in the news at the exact same time because he went to space on 10/13/21. In occult numerology, 10/13 and 10/31 could be considered interchangeable, so this launch was a “Halloween” launch in this sense.

Moreover, he took off in a blue rocket with a bright orange flame trail. I initially thought this was an intentional Halloween choice and that perhaps the capsule was scented with pumpkin spice. But now, I think there’s some deeper connection here, suggestive of a coming sacrificial catastrophic event. A Halloween sacrifice. The latest movie is called “Halloween Kills.”

Meanwhile, Kanye West is running around in a bizarre white mask, dressed in black, lurking around looking like Michael Myers. Again, Meyers is the knife-wielding maniac in a Willam Shatner mask. The latest in the series of stabby films gets released just as Sir David Amess, one of Boris’ pals, was just knifed to death---stabbed 17 times, btw. Perhaps a call-out to Q-anon? Also note, the surfer/stabber that killed his “serpent baby” with a spear. He reportedly stabbed them 17 times. Why the spear in the hands of the Qanon shaman Jake Angeli wasn’t regarded as a weapon by the Capitol police, we'll never know. 

I’m just pointing out the major symbols relating to Halloween and Shatner’s ominous predictions. 

What possible meaning can be taken from this? Here’s my take:

The Great Rite is a Wiccan ritual involving a symbolic sexual act with the ritual knife (the cis-male symbol) being placed into a cup or chalice (the cis-female symbol). Therefore, the theme of William Shatner in the rocket ( a phallic symbol) and Michael Myers with a knife in a William Shatner “death mask” are related here. 

So to recapitulate:

  • A space rock nearly killed a Canadian as she slept in her bed

  • William Shatner informs us of an impending “catastrophe”.

  • Halloween, about a killer wearing his “death mask” is released. 

  • Kanye West bizarrely stalks the streets in what amounts to a Michael Myers costume.

  • Sir David Amess gets stabbed to death in broad daylight.

  • China tests a space-borne nuclear weapon that has the American military whimpering. 

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Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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