Today is Walpurgis Night, or "witches night", celebrated as the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. So I do expect some kind of psyop commensurate with this holiday.  As with Halloween, this unholy-day is when the veil between the mundane and the supernatural is thin. 

Look how much Satan is pervading the present news cycle:

  • Political dirty trickster Roger Stone claims to have seen a “Satanic portal” open up above the White House.

  • Majorie Taylor Green is scapegoating Satan for abortion and illegal immigration, claiming that Satan “controls” the church.

  • Putin is launching Satan2 at Boris Johnson.

  • Google’s Doodle today has Route 66, with a conspicuous six-y G, making a neat G66/ 666.

  • #Satan is trending on Twitter because of all the above and interestingly, today is Witches Night and the 56th anniversary of the Church of Satan, a church openly controlled by Satan. Their leader, "Maga" Nadramia, also known as “Mama Satan" is the longest-running figurehead for the organization. 

  • Today is also the birthday of Travis Scott, who is producing a documentary called “Concert Crush”, about the Astroworld concert where nine people were crushed to death in front of a stage that resembled the Satanic portal that Roger Stone saw above the White House.

    The Astroworld deaths were all faked, by the way. Nobody got crushed to death. All the people chanting “I can't breathe” are suing and George Floyd's family attorney Benjamin Crumb is even representing them. Before the  Astroworld concert, Scott was wearing a shirt on a video called a scape plan that aired before the Astro world event where the people got crushed. The shirt he was wearing was from the Rockslide Festival, where Pearl Jam was performing when nine people got crushed in an audience of fifty-thousand.  As with Astroworld, nine people were crushed in an audience of fifty-thousand. 

    NOTE: The Astroworld concert happened six hundred and sixty-six months and six days from the date of the Church's founding. 

    Will Satan2 fall to earth, signifying the end of the Tower of Babel and the start of Space Wars? I think so. Here’s why: 

    I've been thinking that the recent "return" of Pluto/ Hades to the point it was at on July 4, 1776, could mean its "second coming." In other words, the last time the Lord of the Underworld made an appearance at 27 degrees Capricorn, the Declaration of Independence was signed and the order of the Illuminati was founded. And it is Hades that releases the Kraken. The Kraken recently killed Jeff Bezos on his megayacht on Netflix’s Inside Job. Inside Job is a 9/11 reference. I see the megayacht as analogous to the Titanic or the Tower of Babel, a monument to the richest man in the world’s hubris. The Space Wars pit the Space Commies against the Space Cowboy Capitalists (remember Jeff Bezos wore a cowboy hat to space and launched at 9:11 am).   

    On a related subject: Will Tom Cruises ISS movie be more real than the actual ISS? 

    For the sake of fake space, it’s best if they WTC-7 the ISS before much longer. If Tom Cruise actually films a movie up there he’s going to confront the issue of not making his fake space look better than NASA’s. This would constitute an emergency if the contrast is too great. Moreover, the ISS’s stagnant CGI is limiting deeper fake space exploration and they can’t upgrade it to Hollywood-level effects after 22 years of constant buffoonery without people noticing.

    Now the International Energy Agency is calling for climate lockdowns to reduce fossil fuel usage. Since the COVID lockdowns didn't crush the economy, they need another excuse for lockdowns. This was pretty obvious that this was the agenda even before the COVID lockdowns. I was suggesting that in the wake of these food plants being hit by planes and random fires someone should check on Alex Jones’ neighbors. I recall that six weeks into the Covid19 lockdowns he was elaborately describing how he’d literally eat his neighbors’ asses. 

    It's all about sustainability as the ultimate ideal. That is the real purpose of the Mars program. It’s not about shipping you off to some paradise in the sky. It’s that if you can justify living that way on Mars, then why couldn't you justify living that way here on Earth?

     As Earth, as it is on Mars...this is utopianism at its finest. 

    This is the Great Reset, which is truly the Greta Reset, and it's leading to a Soylent Green World Order.  By the way, someone in chat mentioned that Rupert Murdock looks like Mr. Reset himself, Darth Klaus Shwaub, which is true, but they are not the same person. At that level of the Illuminati dung heap, they all start to look alike.  

    Also: Mayday! The Russians are abandoning the ISS for real this time so get your space junk helmets on. They already threatened to bring that 500 tons of metal down on the US. On the topic of serious issues confronting our political leadership, there’s a panic among the GOP about “Furrys” demanding equality in the restrooms, some going so far as to protest the lack of litter boxes by going on the floor directly without so much as puppy pads. This is not true (yet). People, not just the GOP leadership, will believe anything. We have been Digitally Hoodwinked and it shouldn't be a surprise that people believe such absurdities. But while people scoff at the GOP they say nothing about the concept of "Furries" being so normal that the perplexed reactions toward them is now the abnormality.

    As a final reference to Satan: the Church of Satan membership is known to dress up like animals, like Furries, and identify as such during their Black Masses, which happen to be carried out on this very night. I'd like to think the Satanic Church has litterboxes.

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    Tim Ozman,
    Infinite Plane Radio 

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