I've been developing some new mind-maps for Metascript.cc on the predictive programming regarding the next act in the big World Stage Play. The association of Donald J Trump with JFK has been cemented by the Qanon belief that he is the agent of John F Kennedy and John F Kennedy Jr.

This one is in the form of a collage/ meme which contains the following elements:

  • Full Metal Jacket's Joker represents JFK. This has been expounded on by Chartword (linked below).

  •   Highland Park shooter has OSWALD on his wall. (JFK and Oswald are Kubrick's actors in this psyop.)

  • JFK was taken to Parkland Hospital.

  • Where's WALDO? At a TRUMP RALLY...and his mother is shown with TARGET like one on Joker's Helmet. 

  • WHEN  JOKER /Matthew Modine, born on March 22, 1959 (322 Skull & Bones Society mention), MM =33 dies in STRANGER THINGS over portal at coordinates mentioning "116", and upside down 911. As he lay dying the camera rotates until he is upside down, in a crucified posture...

  • ...then Hawkins (SEATTLE) CRACKS open and HELLFIRE is set loose. The main character in Stranger Things "Elle", witnesses his death.

  • ELVIS gave PRESIDENT Nixson a colt 45.

  • In 2022 TRUMP walks with a 45 on his temple.

  • Shooter in Highland Park has a 47 on his temple.

  • 4+ 5 = 9 and 4+7  =11  you could read this as a 9-11, another Kubrick production.

  • This ties in with the Tsunami Simulations in Seattle caused by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake--in Stranger Things caused by a 7.4 earthquake.

Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith like Vulcan defending Venus, which resulted in his expulsion from Olympus. Do the HEADWOUND on CHRIST/ ROCK was at "Olympus," and Will Smith defending Serena Williams = WS and SW, corresponding to Seattle Washington.

Also, see "Full Metal Jacket And The JFK Assassination Hoax" http://www.chartword.com/2015/01/full-metal-jacket-and-jfk-assassination.html

We'll discuss this and more today for INFINITE PLANE SATURNDAY.

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host