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Hello everyone,

I'm Abiola, the founder of @tobeabetterartist

I created this platform to professional artists of all mediums and levels develop the tools to achieve life-work-art balance. This has been on my mind since the beginning of 2019, when I finally recognised the imbalance with my own life and art. I looked back on my career, my friends, and artists I'd studied in the past, and I saw just how many elements an artist has to battle for the pursuit of emotional, mental, and financial balance whilst also having a thriving career that they are actually proud of. What was also so fascinating was how differently that battle manifests for each artist, depending on the project we're working on, or where we are in our personal journeys. Being an artist requires an understanding, acceptance and freedom of the self so strong; whatever medium or mixture of genres we practice, we have to be free, be brave, be clear, be curious, be pragmatic, and all in a concotion of our own.

And though this isn't easy, I believe that it's possible.

It's become my goal to help each artist find that balance for themselves, through the free content I post on Instagram, and the additional tools and resources I provide for the private membership community.

The membership program is a very new community of artists looking to do deeper and more consistent work. I use my experience as an actress, performance artist, writer, and artists' coach to provide written and video content to challenge you every month, week, and even day, so that you can track your progress and really feel like your career is in your hands.

The worlds of art and creativity and personal development and entrepreneurship don't often intersect; but for a professional artist, they have to. So it is a very niche network, but one that I am investing my energies into building for present-day, to help makers of their art also be the makers of their future.

Every cup of ☕️ receives big a bucket of instagram love. And if you're not in the position to join the membership or get a coffee, even passing on a post that you've found helpful goes a long and appreciated way!

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story, and for keeping creative whatever the weather! Happy making!

Abiola x