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Gary Roberts (me) is a retired Research Librarian, Counselor, Woodworker, Bookman, Old Tool historian and general layabout. Since 2006 I've published the Toolemera Press.

Why Buy Me A Cuppa Tea? Indie publishing is time intensive and costly. Before I retired, my work as a Research Librarian supported my goal of returning to print classic books on early crafts, trades and industries. Some titles I publish for the half a dozen people who would benefit from an obscure but important book. Other titles are published with the intent to preserve in print important books that will sell well to my niche customer base.

To continue re-publishing early books requires software and hardware maintenance and occasional upgrades, purchasing select books to publish and funding necessary services such as Feedblitz (mail & RSS feed), Typepad (blog) cloud storage and domains.

Your support makes it possible for me to continue the Toolemera Press as a resource for free blog access and affordable books.