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Please read this before paying for access here!

I set this page up primarily as a way to give people who are ALREADY CUSTOMERS a way to see early-release videos, behind the scenes blogging, and early opportunities to support projects directly.

There is no need to pay to become a member here if you are already a paying customer. Just email [email protected] asking for an invite. You will be given free access to this feed.

I'm also asking you, please do not pledge monthly, annual, or one-time support here if you are already a TTM customer! Once you're in here, there will be ways that you can help out where you get to pick exactly what your dollar is supporting. So please, if you've already made a purchase at, don't make a pledge to gain access here! Just email me!

If you aren't a customer from TortureTestMagazine, I won't stop you from making a pledge. But I will ask you to make a pledge rather than a one-time payment. The one-time payments don't grant access to the insider feed, which I think is silly! However, I can't stop you from buying me a pizza and I will be very grateful!