I make avatars in VRChat. :D

  • If you like my avatars, consider buying me a coffee for my troubles! :D 
  • It will motivate me to make more avatars on my free time!


Toralf Andersen bought 3 coffees.

Hey there ^-^ Love your work and i was wondering if i could buy/get the files for one of your already existing avatars. Contact me on Discord (Toralf #6390) if you'll be able to. keep up the great work!

Hodacco bought 5 coffees.

Hey. Thank you for your hard work. :) I want to know if I can obtain/buy one of your Avatars from you. If thats possible please contact me via discord Hodacco#0528 If not, then thats okay too :)  Keep up your great work and have a nice day.

Blue_nya bought a coffee.

Hello. Trap-chan. I want to contact to you. Because I am very interested in one of your avatars. So I have some question to you.  Trap-Chan#7232 is not work. Please contact [email protected] Plz

Poppa bought a coffee.

Hello TrapChan, I'm a fan of your world. I've been meaning to find a way to contact you, since I am unable to load your Discord Server. Here's a coffee on me. Please write me at [email protected] , I have a few questions about a specific avatar. Thanks!

Hit me up on discord. .  Trap-Chan#7232

HiFi bought 3 coffees.