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Hello everyone! My name is Tryphena Santamaría Thorne, I am from Panama and today I would like to tell my story. The reason why I'm fundraising.


My mother Nina Thorne was a stay-at-home mom who started a small business with my father's help from our home in Ciudad de Colón, Panama about 30 years ago.


We sold snacks, Creole food, and refreshments in the neighborhood I grew up with my two brothers. Little by little the clientele expanded since my mother had good seasoning and people liked it.


Everyone's favorite dish was the "Fuyón," which is a dish of Asian origin, but my mother had a particular way of making it and people just loved it. Panama is a cosmopolitan country, due to The Panama Canal.


And so, everyone identified the place where we live with the name "Fuyón." ( Foo young.)


Over time, my mother's health deteriorated, one day she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, which along with other ailments rapidly deteriorating her and made her state of health very complicated. With her the business was deteriorating, our home also. A lot of medical expenses until we had to close the business. My mother past in September 2019.


The following year 2020 I lost my job due to the current pandemic, while pregnant, very difficult time. But, despite everything, and thanks to God, I managed to keep going despite the difficulties. I continue with my university studies. I am currently studying English Language Teaching at Universidad De Panamá in my country, and I am applying to take Computer Science at UoPeople. I have three young beautiful children, Carlos 8 years old, Tyndale 2 years old, and Lucas 10 months old.


I am currently trying to rebuild our family business. I'm using the same recipes from my mom that people loved and liked so much! I am very excited thouh, It's been 1 month since I reopened it and legalized a part of the business but there is still a long way to go... The infrastructure of the place needs a lot of work, it is necessary to plaster, paint the walls, secure on the doors and windows, fix the plumbing system among other things. . . The business also needs to buy furniture and appliances for the business to make it more functional and attractive to customers' eyes... It needs a showcase refrigerator to put the soft drinks there, etc. It needs a larger freezer of at least 11 cubic feet, the one I have is barely 3.5 cubic feet and almost nothing fits in there. The business needs an inventory of materials to work with, both the ingredients and the appliances. And the remaining part of the legalities of the business, I already did the part corresponding to taxes of course. We want to register the business to be it's own entity, right now is under me, under my name. So, the paperwork to do all of this and to cover at least 3 months of business costs as the business is grows.


I come today to ask for your support guys! My niece, she's from Florida, US she helped me decide the name of the business, which we decided to name in memory of my mother "Kiosco El Fuyón de Nina." For its name in Spanish, as in Panama people speak mostly Spanish.


Please support the cause. Help me raise the funds to help continue the legacy.

Thanks in advance.