Proverbs 18:1-2

1)“ Through desire a man , having separated himself , seeketh and intermiddleth with all wisdom”

This verse brings me two thoughts and brings me to these points:

  • A desire to be better ,a desire to look beyond the flesh, you begin to look for wisdom

  • You seek to become the best versions of your-Self , you seek to become what God made you to be.

Two key words for me:

  • Desire - from this word it is clear that to change is a choice , to want to do better is a choice, that is where all divine wisdom starts, you choose. You.

  • Separated - separate from what?

    A few things come to my mind:

  • Separate ,your-Self ,from desires of the flesh and instead choose desires of the the Spirit,

  • In choosing desires of the spirit you automatically seek wisdom and ultimately “intermeddleth” with it , spending time around it ;Be it prayer or people who are wise. With people , you naturally gravitate towards these people, you will naturally change and become like them; remember the saying “show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you your future “; I also say; you naturally become the sum of ,the ten people who you spend most of your time with.

At the OTHER end of the spectrum follows this verse :

2) ”A fool hath no delight in understanding but that his heart may discover itself”

I myself have walked this path

The year was 2010 ; At some point I had the brilliant idea of throwing caution to the wind and “see where my heart takes me” , BIG MISTAKE; somehow I had convinced myself that life is a hollywood movie and got into some very sketchy and unnecessary things even listened to a rich kid drug addict who told me to “go with the flow”(what in the world was I thinking???) - I strayed from God and stopped seeking to become the best versions of my-Self engaging in all sorts of nonsense that destroyed my sense of Self and left me completely hopeless. I went from super ambitious and positive,to a lousy pot-smoking potato , what a disaster! .At some point I used to go to work drunk ;reeking of whisky or brandy depending on what I felt like that morning, luckily no one ever noticed as I wasn’t afraid to shower every morning and I wasn’t very talkative, I always had my earphones on.

My relationships?...the worst; scenes, I tell you, SCENES! , I chose girls with very questionable characters , then again I wasn’t really thinking through this whole thing.

The whole thing was simply the cost of letting ”your heart discover itself”.