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Stay at home & draw me
Dear Artists & Friends!
How are you? Is your baby 2022 growing up well?
I hope so and I wish you again all my best wishes!
I hope that you can have first of all a very creative year: emotions, good feelings, artistic connections and inspirations will save us.
It's been two years since we have a new "member" in our human family...nolens volens Covid 19 is part of us and it's not possible to ignore it or to forget it. It's a fact like other things...but as you know we have a secret refuge...a resistant and self-healing one... are right: our lifedrawingsessions on online! To call you "Friends", as you perfectly know, it's not a "word"'s a concept of real friendship, an idea of respect and mutual support. We need each other, we need to create, to be imaginative, to be human and friends...
About my own session, the last I did on 31 st December 2021, it has been really great and amazing! The best Eve and conclusion of the 2021 that I want to thank because it gave me many and many occasions to see with my eyes and my art and my brain how powerful Art can be!
Many thanks again for joining me in my Zodiac signs session!
So...that was of course a very unconventional session because the theme was written by the stars and by constellations in the sky ...and it was also a lovely suspension of our strong fil rouge in order to close the door of 2021 thanking it and welcoming the baby 2022!
So...we need to know what our strong fil rouge is preparing for us and for our first themed session on line!
Our last themed drawing event was based on Wilhelm Gallhof's works of Art and in particular on the elegant and sensual "The coral chain" painting...
He was a German painter who studied also in Berlin...and as we know from his biography, his life had been too short because of the First World War where he died in action in 1918 . We remember that he was only forty years old...
Related to another war, the Second World War, related to Germany and to all the disasters caused by that conflict, there is another Artist...a king, an emperor...I think that there is no right definition to describe his revolutionary work in Photography! I'm talking about him...Helmut...Do you need to know his surname? Ahahah...I know that you know...We will be as always very precise and we will call him with his right name and surname: Helmut Neustädter
You: "Helmut Neustädter ???"
Me:" yes, Helmut Neustädter! Born in Berlin in 1920, in 1945, in Australia, he changed his surname in Newton which is a perfect translation of his German surname"
Well...I'm so so so so proud and very happy to announce that the Artist, protagonist of Sunday 16 th and Sunday 23rd of January will be Helmut Newton!!!
And for now that's all!
You: " Is that all?"
Me:" Yes... that's all!"
You:" Where are your so so so so long mails? Your chapters from Russian novels?"
Me:" Ahahahah...for this time, I mean for this first Sunday event, 16 th of January, that's all!"
I'm not crazy ( or yes?)...don't worry...and I'm not joking... For now that's all because my first themed session of this baby 2022 will be a preview of a great event dedicated to the big nudes realized in photography by Helmut Newton and you will receive one of my so well known long mails! Ahahahah...Don't worry!
Next Sunday I will pose for two sessions: two long poses for two sessions on the same Sunday.
Sunday 16 th January!
One session (two hours) will be inspired by a portrait long pose by Helmut Newton and the second session will be dedicated to one figure drawing long pose always by Helmut Newton.
Many times last year you asked me to organize a session just posing for a portrait long pose and a figure drawing long pose. Most of you painted and drew me in other sessions ( not organized by me) where I was called as model for long poses: "The girl with the pearl earring" for example or Marylin Monroe too... In my experience of poses on line I have done many and many and hope will do it again for groups too! So beautiful experiences and lifesessions. For "Stay at home & draw me" I tried to do it, I mean to create my own events, but I have to be honest, I never found the right occasion to fulfill your desires. Now I can! We have the right occasion, the perfect Artist ...and, I hope, the proper model to do this "enterprise"!
That's why I repeat for now that's all...The two poses ( portrait long pose and figure drawing long pose) will be different and they will be a surprise.
Don't forget these sessions will be a preview...In 2022 your model has done this "enterprise" and following the proverb , you will say " better late then ever"...
Ahahahah! How much am I adorable? Ahahahahah We have to start in a very strong and beautiful way this baby 2022...
We need to support each other and to stay well first of all in our hearts.
Well, here all the info to book my session:
HELMUT NEWTON A preview....
Stay at home & draw me
16 January
h 6-8 pm (Rome time) FIGURE DRAWING LONG POSE
( If you prefer paypal ask me)
h 8,30-10,30 pm (Rome time) PORTRAIT LONG POSE
( If you prefer paypal ask me)
* If you buy both the sessions there is a special price...
5 coffees (not six) needed here
(or paypal of course)
If you want to share it, this is the facebook event:

Thanks a lot for your attention and book me soon!!!!!
Have a good day
See you on SUNDAY!!!
Your model Turris Eburnea and cat Magà, my daughter!