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Welcome To My Coffee Page.

Currently finding my way through life and discovering new things.
It took me a while to find my way but I finally got there after deciding to join a college in around 2015 to start up an art career and its the best thing I've ever done :)

I've met some AMAZING people on my journey and I hope to meet some more, this experience has been brilliant.

You will find all my Acrylic Pours on my Social Media pages :)

I've switched my art style a few times, I used to do a lot of pet portraits last year but now I think I am going to stick with Acrylic Pours because they are so fun to do and you guys seem to love them.

If you didn't manage to buy an original painting, there are prints available over at my shop with Redbubble :)

I also sell clothing with Design by Humans!

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