New Album Coming Out

Hey hows everybody doing ?Here we are again bringing you more Cutting Edge Grooves & Sounds.I'm hard at work making more Music in my Music Lab .Look out for a brand new CD Album coming out in the Spring .In fact they'll be Two new CD Albums coming out next year,one in the Spring and one in the Fall.I have been a busy Beaver over these coming months what with this Covid Pandemic.Visit my website @ and also Stay healthy... more

Dec 30

Another Lockdown

And here we are again for another gripping episode of Cutting Edge grooves & Sounds.I just found out that we're back on Lockdown again so its back into the Studio for more Creative Inspiration & Good Vibes .Visit my website @ and also go to www. I'm still sorting out the comments from phone calls & e-mails so please bare with me ,be gentle.Stay safe,&stay healthy during this recent lockdown and... more

Dec 30

My Latest Podcast

And here we are again for my newest latest Podcast complete with Uptempo Cutting Edge Original Grooves.Times are hard for everyone right now what with this Pandemic thing still raging about.People are dropping like flies because of it.I hope my Music brings just a little bit of joy and good feeling .We could all use a bit of it right about now.Incidently don't forget to visit my website @ also Compose Compose Songs for all occassions.Corporate Events like... more

Dec 30

Making Music
Yes Here we are again for another groove laden Podcast episode know as Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Pro

Oct 26

Hello I'm New Here

Well how is everybody ,how are folks dealing with the covid19 thing? We are definetly living in hard and uncertain times right now. I'm so glad that i chose to be a Musician because even amongst all the craziness and uncertainty ,Music to me is the only thing that makes any kind of sense right now.I like to think the that the Music that i create can give some comfort and help some folks to forget their current plight or situations even if its just for a brief moment. So feel free to listen... more

Oct 16