The first time I saw Reiki in action I watched my friend, who had Parkinson’s disorder, be able to move his fingers fluidity for the first time in two years. 

The movement had been choppy, slow and laboured. 

After a thirty minute treatment, they were moving like anyone else’s. His body had been getting progressively worse, and this was the first ever noticeable improvement. 

He was in shock. He just kept watching his hands, moving his fingers and saying “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.”

He did that for fifteen minutes and I watched it worsen. It was like he wouldn’t allow himself to heal. 

This is when I was introduced to the power of belief. Years later, he refused to admit that Reiki had any effect on him. But I saw it and he saw it. For two years he had little control over his digits, but after a Reiki treatment, it went back to normal. 

Just for a few minutes, but that was proof for me. 

My mother got into Reiki and I became her practice Guinea pig. I was ready and willing to receive healing whenever she was available. 

I suffer from mental illness. My entire adulthood has been one of depression and anxiety. Reiki gave me the first taste of relief. 

When you’ve been mentally unwell for so long, you can forget what it feels like to feel good. Reiki reminded me. 

My mother got tired of giving me Reiki treatments, and for my birthday bought me my Level 1 Reiki course. This gave me the ability to heal myself. 

I used this as a tool to get into Balance when needed. 

In 2014, I took Levels 2 and 3. I opened a business called Om Home and went to work healing. 

I saw miracles. I saw people find relief after Western medicine said nothing could be done. I watched people have emotions surface, then have powerful emotional releases. 

I loved this line of work, but I didn’t charge much and was directed to work all of the time. Even though I was an energy healer, I didn’t understand energetic protection. I played myself out, and stopped enjoying it. 

I walked away from Reiki, but Tik Tok dragged me back in. 

Reiki live is rewarding and a different game. It feels very therapeutic for me, and the healing seems to compound with more people in the room. 

I’m available for thirty minute private treatment. It’s healing and a guided meditation. We need to feel to heal.