The adrenaline rushed through all over my body, I got goosebumps and chills seeing you there. It was tingling somewhere deep inside where I could never find it, the crosswalk you were on the opposite side seemed like a mile and that minute walk felt like an hour. Seeing you in informal outside the college for the first time was indeed a great feeling for me. I didn’t know what to do or how to respond but you eased me by saying that we are going to the nearby park. While the way to park while I followed you every inch of those little details amazed me I saw everything beautiful, those hairs that got in your face due to the naughtiness of this wind and your smell flying all the way to my nose, all of it were beautiful each minute passed were awesome. It was like 15 min journey but I wished to live that moment, again and again, I wished we fall in the loop of love just you and me and our life, living the same moment again and again.
You guided me through the park but I wanted you to guide me through my life giving me goosebumps every moment of life. There were butterflies flying all over the head and guts were telling me to move up to you. Although it was an official visit, I never noticed what you explained to be but instead, I noticed how many times you made your hair, I noticed how you wave your hands, how you change the accent, and how your pitch changes accordingly. Those accidental touches of hands and your hairs falling around in my face messing with my patience but also I felt delightful I was glad to meet you. I don’t know how you felt or how your day went but for me, those touches were like hugs, your words were like romantic conversations, I don’t know how you would describe the day but for me, it was wonderful, it was like a date, my first date.