It´s fair to say that the world can be divided into 2 camps: dog people & cat people. I´m not suggesting that they´re in complete opposition to each other, that they´re mutually exclusive, but they often are. You´ll know dyed-in-the-wool cat people because they´ll often leave food & bowls of water out for strays; you´ll see little heaps of dried food in parks, near garbage bins, next to doorways. And in cemeteries. If you´re a tombstone tourist – a taphophile – or you frequently visit a loved one who´s passed, then you´ve undoubtedly come across these tribes: proud ancestors of generations of feral or semi-feral cats who´ve made the world´s graveyards their home. Why are they there? – perhaps they´re the one creature that can pass through the veil & back. If any animal can, it´s the cat. Perhaps they´re the go-betweens – spirit guides, if you will – between those of us who inhabit this world & those of us who inhabit the beyond. Or maybe they´re just savvy enough to know that cemeteries make groovy digs – what with their manicured lawns, shady trees, undisturbed quiet, & steady stream of cat people. They may simply know a good thing when they see it. (Photo: Kittens on the Gravestone, Próto Nekrotafío /First Cemetery of Athens, Athens, Greece - © Urban Caravan Photography.)