So I'm trying something out that will hopefully keep me on track with my work. I'm making an action plan for every month since before I just mostly winged it with no set goals in mind and that hasn't gotten me far. These Month Beginning Posts (MBPs) will give a sort of general progress update about myself and my work while also outlining the goals I want to complete for that month. Hopefully with concise objectives I can push past my biggest obstacle, lack of motivation.

Anyways, here are my goals this month in priority order:

  1. Complete Remakes of DOY#01 and DOY#2 (finish DOY#02)

  2. Post completed remakes on BMAC for free

  3. Free Illustration

  4. Monthly Illustration for Members

  5. Finish script for DOY#03

  6. Sketch, Line, and Color DOY#03 (Post for Members)

  7. DOY#01&#02 Cover?

  8. Angelo Character Sheet

Wish me luck!

God bless and stay awesome!