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In July 2021 I set out to find 3Commas DCA bot settings that meet the following goals:
- achieve at least 60% price drop coverage
- have strong draw down to lower average price entry
- low budget options under $500 and under $250
- reduce the desire to overextend provide good returns
I use BotNerds Discord backtest to capture results in my Urma Bot Settings and BotNerd Backtests

These are my latest 3commas settings for a DCA bot that costs $250 max per pair for a 60% drop cover:

TP: 3.0%, BO: $10.0, SO: $10.0, OS: 1.4, SS: 1.5, SOS: 1.87, MSTC: 7, NONSTOP

I also developed the which updates TP% and bot pairs automatically according to your defined rules.

Thank you for considering buying me a coffee for my work!