Buy Mandy Froelich a matcha latte


I'm an RHN, plant-based chef, Reiki Master Therapist, Reflexologist, and author with 6 years of experience. My passions include business, travel, education, and connecting with like-minded friends. Learn more or book my services: Life in Bloom Nutrition

Hi, I'm Mandy. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my passion + business, Life in Bloom. I am obsessed with the process of helping others become empowered. This is primarily accomplished by teaching people how to consider food as their medicine, how to reconnect with their ancestral and spiritual roots, and instructing others on how to cook fun and nourishing fare to live long, healthy lives. If you support my work, it would mean the world to me if you bought me a cup of matcha (or coffee!). Thank you!

@froelter bought 5 matcha lattes.

Thank you for doing the research and breaking it down, so I can understand it!

You're so sweet! I look forward to sharing at least 2 of these "coffees" with you. Haha!