I've seen Patreon, OnlyFans and other membership type sites and something just told me that it won't work for me.

But then I saw #BuyMeACoffee and although I don't drink coffee, the idea of this made perfect sense.

I could ask any friend, supporter and family member to buy me a cup of tea, a drink, a packet of crisps and they wouldn't mind, but to ask someone to download a song, stream an project or purchase a CD has always been a weird conversation.

So here we are, thank you for coming on this journey with me whether I'm yet to meet you, or we have already linked in the recent past, Thank You.

Let's build.

I'm here to help, Inspire, build, support, showcase, create and collaborate. If you're here with me, I've got your back.

Thank you.

p.s if you need support with anything Music, Media, Mentor wise

I'll be happy to help figure it out with you.