Buy Maya Shavin a coffee


Hello there! 👋

My name is Maya and I'm a web developer 👩‍💻 (or frontend developer) from Israel. Besides making applications, I am a content creator and an open-source contributor.

As a way to contributing back to the dev community, I write about JavaScript tutorials, best practices and my personal experience in web development.

On my free time, I contribute to open-source projects and create tools that help me and other developers. Also, I speak at conferences, meetups and organize the Vuejs Israel Community.

So, why should you buy me a coffee?

Well, coffee is developer's best friend to keep the energy and start the day proper 😉.

Secondly, creating content or open-source projects consume a HUGE amount of time and effort. Your support means a lot to keep me going and allow me to have time dedicated for the high quality of the projects and content.

Thirdly, because you love what I am doing and want to make sure I know that 😉.

Forth, fifth, etc... There are many reasons 😃

That said, I will give you a big bear 🐻 hug (virtually) if you decide to get me a coffee. Or a beer

Anyway, thanks for keeping up with me. And remember, you are awesome in your own way 🤟

Kisses and regards,