Pleasures are precarious,

Like bathing in the sun;

Transient, too, as snowstorms

Which come without warning.

Remembering these things,

Why not practise the Dharma?"


Hate will fuel your rage
Drugs will get you high
Money buys respect
Love will get you by

La coka Nostra

In search for happiness

If we seek happiness there two paths the material and the secular path, which mean we will discard our mind let it flow. Live like we have just one life at some point yes happiness will show but on this path the waiting room of happiness is bigger than the happiness itself. We get new toys. We always want the last things the next mobile phone, the next boyfriend, /girlfriend, the next the next. That addition to happiness leads us to despair as soon impermanence hit us in the face. Our partner dies or divorce, toy, mobile, car, house broke and here we go again we running in despair.

Realise Happiness within

As Atisha teach us there is not even a second we don’t think about ourselves. When we talking about having a meaningful life we talk first about losing our ego. Practice that does a buddha student is to get rid of ego and gaining compassion. We starve the black wolf to feed the white one.

In the process to become selfless we learn when we use our buddha nature for others we found that space with worried and fear we become happy for no reason.

The more we give we get trading our ego for happiness.