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Welcome! I teach ((Urban) Kizomba) dancers how to be confident and how to stand out on the (social) dance floor. In a nutshell: at mastering their dance! 💃🕺

I am a classically trained dancer, pirouetting since I know how to walk. 
Already in love with latin dance styles, Kizomba and especially Urban Kiz gripped me tight and never let go. 
Freedom in the dance + choice of music, unique expression and connection is what makes Urban Kiz breathtaking. 
Knowing and teaching both roles, I hand my students detailed tools to become formidable dancers and to excel in topics such as technique, musicality, connection, creativity and expression - All this in a fun and safe environment.

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Especially COVID-19 is really hard on us teachers and artists.
With classes and bookings cancelled your support is so much appreciated!

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Thanks a lot my dear Agne! 🙏🌸 

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Thank you so much Eunice, you are amazing and I am always so happy to receive your videos! 💥 

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Thank you so much for your stunning support! I am blown away 🙏💕

We all sit in the same boat. My dancing school is closed for the second time this year and i have no hope i will open it again in 2020. So supporting each other is the only thing we can do! ♥

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Thanks for the free class!😊 

Great that you made it, Maria. Thanks a lot for your support! 🌞