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4 years ago I discovered the superpower of processing pain through writing. I wrote my way through the muck of tragedy until I found hope. By revising and performing repeatedly, I shared the poem with others, processed, talked, and found both hope and healing. I was inspired and realized my mission to share my story and lessons I've learned that could help others too.

I’ve been a volunteer for 23 years.

I have 12 refugee students who really need my help because they aren't in school, and it gives me value and purpose to get them educational access. I'm teaching the kids each week, organizing a team of volunteers, and practicing my activism skills for a better long-term solution for their education. Plus, the kids are inspiring my digital content and consent lessons. I'm beside myself with excitement about how it's all aligning to help everyone learn.

Activism is based on building awareness and asking for support. I'm learning to ask for the support that I need to do the work that I believe in. 

This is a new way of volunteering: I became an eduformer (educator + performer = an activist who hopes to inspire through performance, arts, and writing) for the love of Little Ones of ALL ages (whether your Little Ones are your children, your students, your pets, or your SELF you're (re)discovering through recovery work or a spiritual journey). 

I write and perform poetry, songs, creative nonfiction (memoir) storytelling, and am working on a children’s musical about consent and sexual abuse. My content is written in segments and performed in weekly open mic sessions for feedback from audiences. It is also available for patrons.

I believe that #ConversationChangesEverything and write and perform about challenging topics (sexuality, consent, addiction, gender identity, death, mental health and illness, etc) that many avoid to help people talk about them honestly, especially with children, to give them language and tools to cope. I think this will make the world safer.

I coach individually and in workshops with children and adults.

I want:

1. To engage in conversations about this work. I have created a Facebook group MVP's Creative (Re)Discovery

2. To find supporters (followers, emotional support, resources, financial, etc)

Goal #1: DONE! $180 for a Masterclass membership to learn Activism from Roxane Gay and Environmentalism from Jane Goodall  

Goal #2: DONE! $599 for a Trauma Awareness Training to learn body self-soothing and co-regulation techniques to use with coaching clients and design instructional materials for people of ALL ages.

Goal #3: $707 (25,000 baht) to renew my 1-year volunteer visa and work permit in Thailand to continue working with local refugee families 

Goal #4: $316 (10,290 baht) for shipping for my upcycled trash project.  Healing HeArts is a collaborative art project that took a year. 26 people tied our broken hearts together and shared survivor stories of experience, strength, and hope. It is 100% upcycled rubbish found on the beach/bins to make 15 strands of a bead curtain with a rainbow HeArt pattern, which is how I imagine healing to look. It went to exhibition at Earth Body Blood Water in Vietnam in March an exhibition about exploring the connection between violence against women and violence against the environment. #ConversationChangesEverything because we can only find solutions for things that we can talk about.

3. To find people to collaborate with to digitalize and bring ideas to life

Check out my mission for more details of the content that I'm working on:

If you appreciate my work, please consider supporting me in whatever way you can. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Stay fun, funky, and functional, my friends,

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Miss Valerie Parker (MVP), Eduformer*

(activist who hopes to inspire through performance, arts, and writing)