As far as I remember , I've always been a person who understood things , and felt some emotions before the age required , I wasn't supposed to interfere with that kind of situations , but none of us get to choose in advance , the world in which he will live... Somehow , being exposed to this kind of hassle in the first decade of my life , made me grow up early and of course , made me think a lot of my ability to change this reality. It was that sentence saying " Bare in mind that , hard work pays off " So , I worked hard and succeed in my studies . I'll become THE PERSON I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE NOW ! Says the old me

But not all dreams come true ...With time this enthousiasme and bravery vanished , because no matter how hard I try or the amount of efforts I put in the process . NOTHING HAPPENS !

What do you think that I should do ?

Is giving up a solution ?