Chapter 30 is live!

Chapter 7 of Rebel Song is still being written, and the reason is kind of part of the announcement.


Last year, I decided to pursue publishing the Fit For Fire series. I saved money to start self-publishing because I wanted to have control of how I used my content and how I interacted with my readers. I set up my website, I started looking for beta/proofreaders, I was all in. Then our well broke, and the money I had saved to publish went into fixing a well pump because, let's face it, having running water is important.

*I still have a few proofreader applications to go through. I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but with all of this going on, I wasn't sure how to move forward*

Defeated, I tucked that dream away. Then I was offered the opportunity to put my book on Galatea for a chance at publishing. I was elated. I felt like this was my second chance. The book has done well, and they have offered me a publishing contract. It was the thing I had hoped for, the thing I worked for, and yet, I felt like maybe it wasn't the right move to make.

I felt stupid. Angry. This was the dream right?!

But this 'dream' would never lead to me holding my book in my hands, and I wasn't sure how my readers would feel about only being able to see my work one episode at a time, on an app, forever, for the entire series.

It's been eating at me for a while. It's made writing Rebel Song stressful because that book was either going to be pulled to be exclusively in one place, or I would be self-publishing it, so it isn't wise to post the full thing when I know it may affect its future success. ( Also, there has been a lot of plagiarism going on lately, and that terrifies me.)

As of now, I'm pretty sure I am going to turn down the offer and publish myself. It's hard because I feel like I'm giving up the validity of being published by someone else, to go it alone. I've always planned to self-publish anyway ( I have a secret series in the works that I am super excited about) but I want to do what is best for the series, and you, the reader, and yeah, ultimately for myself.

So long story long, what do you think? Would you mind finishing the series on Galatea, or would you rather buy the ebook or have the book in hand? I would love to know, please tell me in the comments.

Thank you


Fit For Fire is being edited. I have a few things in that MS that I would like to fix. So the published version would be polished and a few things will be different.