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Hey there guys! I am Dani and I am a book blogger! xoxo! I am a disabled mom of 3 and love my kids with my whole life. I love creating art, literature, and love others to a fault!

Hello there! I'm Dani and I'm a disabled mom of 3 and I am a book blogger @ I signed up with Buy Me A Coffee to support being a blogger but mainly right now to help save my family in some little way from financial rock bottom. All funds will go straight to food or towards a necessity for my children once I get settled some, I would use any money received on this site towards maintaining my blog and keeping internet to communicate with everyone I love online(which is one of my main priorities). Thank you everyone for all your support! I appreciate you all so much! Xoxoxoxo! Donation or not, you all mean the world to me and couldn't have made it without any of you!