I’m saying to myself um I did see something and wondering why that thing was coming in my house.  So I got to saying my 23 psalm. The lady left and me and my son talked about what I saw and he was telling me that she hasn't been getting no sleep and what she was experiencing and I told him I know because I can see it.

So I told my son that my house is a calm peaceful house and I want to keep it that way. I don't need anything to just be rolling up in here like it’s their house. My son said I understand.

So a couple days went by and this time after he came back from going by his lady friend's house  he walked in the front door and I saw this black dark shadow figure and I mean I saw this thang and it was a ugly thang.   He had this ugly twisted long looking face and it was messed up. It was walking right in front of my son. I said oh shit what  the hell is that and my son said what?

I told him there is a dark shadow man walking in front of you. As he walked through the house this shadow figure followed. That thing was going in that backroom and that ugly thang face kept changing and changing.  That thing scared me damn near out of my rocking chair and baebaee I  have bad knees. These knees and arthritis were acting up, but this was going to be the moment I was going to put these knees in drive.

 Everytime that thing seemed like it would get near I would just say oh shit, oh shit and I started praying and saying get out my house this is not your house in the name of Jesus and in the blood of Jesus get out. 

He went on out but you know I was mad with my son. I told him it's alright to help people, but I’m trying to keep my house calm and I don't need nothing coming in here and messing up my peace. So I told him he needed to do something to keep that thang out of here because that thang was not nothing good. 

So my son said he was going to go in the back room and burn up some sage and mix up something. I told him I don't care what you do but you need to bless this house and get rid of that negative energy.  Smoke it up, bomb it up  just as long as that  thang is out my house jackass.

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