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I base my art on archaeological artifacts, megaliths, ancient mythic stories and recorded

anomalies that point to the existence of life as we don't know it. I depict times when the gods

walked the Earth, and when men were wiser and intertwined closely with nature. When I say

gods, I mean celestial beings with advanced technologies whose works may have seemed

like magic to our ancestors. Humans from all around the world spoke about the gods, telling

stories about how they were creators, destroyers, protectors, or giants. Ancient myths tell of

how these beings flew around on fiery chariots; how they were reptilian, or fish-like, or avian,

or humanoid. Some appeared to be no different from the humans over which they wielded so

much power. l feel my abilities as an artist have been gifted to me for this purpose; for this

moment. I bring my art to the world not to present facts, but to share pieces to the puzzle

that have been neglected and ignored. Maybe someday in the near future, we can collectively put the pieces together and figure these stories fit into the creation of our world. 

We must be fearless in the search for truth no matter how crazy it may seem at the time, because time is an illusion and the truth is timeless.

I wish you many blessings on your own journey... and thanks for your support 😉🤝✨