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Isolation Creates Madness

May 29, 2023

Isolation Creates Madness

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Somewhere in the past

Early in the afternoon, a man in his twenties walks into the dentist’s office and registers at the welcome desk. The assistant says that the dentist will be with him shortly but that there has been an emergency, so it might be a little longer than usual. She kindly asks the man to wait in the waiting room.

The man sits down in the waiting room, looks back at the welcome desk, and smiles at the assistant as their eyes meet for a split second. He looks around at the walls, which are all painted white. In front of him, there are three paintings on the wall. On all three paintings, there’s a red and white striped chair on a beach. In the painting on the left, the weather is bright, the second is a little darker, and the last one on the right has a big dark cloud on it.

As the man tries to be fascinated by the artist’s work on the wall, he can’t help but be bored. When he hears the dentist's drill scream from the office as it's satisfying another customer, he decides to pick up some reading material that’s laying next to him on a little white table.

He slides aside some women’s magazines until a brown map appears—obviously, this doesn’t belong here. His curiosity is awoken, and he picks up the map. There are a couple of loose handwritten pages inside. He really doesn’t want to read the thing, but reading is the best way to kill time. Reluctantly, he opens the map and starts reading.


We are all one.
I'm sure you've heard that before.
All of us allow this world to exist in all its diversity, but at its core, we are and will remain just one. All religions that I’m aware of say the same thing: we are all one. But what if I just want to be free? I mean, really free, without any responsibility. Without having to answer to anyone ever again.

This essay is about why we are one and how we can detach ourselves from this and be able to exist as true individuals in real freedom because, if we all remain one, we can never really be free in the way we wish to be. There will always be something holding us back or simply stopping us from experiencing absolute freedom.

In the beginning

Imagine that a major disaster occurs and you are the only survivor. Nice and peaceful, you may think? But if I tell you that not only the people will be gone but also the animals, the forests, the mountains, the seas, the deserts, the countries, the air, the earth, the stars, and the universe, are you still thinking, “Nice and peaceful?” I didn’t think so.

Everything is made by one immortal consciousness (God), and man acts as a mirror for this immortal consciousness. Imagine that all people were to die now; then all things produced by our brain would also die, and there would only be one immortal consciousness left, living soulfully alone in absolute nothingness.

This consciousness will then, from the isolation in which it finds itself, drive itself to absolute madness, and again, driven by that madness, create a new world with pretty much the same characteristics that we recognize in our world today.

When the immortal consciousness has created this new world, certain things or gifts may have returned that actually don't belong in that world anymore but did exist in a previous one and therefore, according to our brain, cannot exist now (like the pyramids, telepathy, ghosts, etc.).

The immortal consciousness might have decided to keep these things or gifts as a kind of souvenir or to show them off as if they were trophies. Perhaps the immortal consciousness is simply incapable of erasing everything? After all, we would be dealing with an immortal consciousness driven by madness, thus incomprehensible, as some mentally disturbed people can be in some ways to a greater or lesser degree.

The immortal consciousness will now walk around in physical form on His new earth as He did earlier in the Garden of Eden (and they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden). Genesis 3.8

The immortal consciousness will make man in its image and give us everything we need (creating multiple personalities: dissociative identity disorder, DID). Neuroscientists assume that the disorder is related to a previous trauma.

After all, we are His new fantasy and a new opportunity for the immortal consciousness to not end up alone this time. This will go well until the moment we start thinking and living for ourselves. You can think of all kinds of sins, from idol worship to gay marriage. Rather, anything that does not fit the mold of immortal consciousness will cause it stress, and that stress will trigger its trauma, and the symptoms of his mental illness will start again.

Maybe the reason why immortal consciousness had the ark built was so that Noah (who tried to do God’s will) and his family would survive the flood and immortal consciousness would not end up alone?

One has to wonder how often the immortal consciousness created a new world and made it disappear again. It was Albert Einstein who said, "To be deranged means to keep trying the same thing while expecting a different result." (Or words to that effect.)

Keys to hell and death

Another theory is that by creating or imagining us, immortal consciousness is trying to cure itself of its mental illness. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that immortal consciousness has cancer. Cancer grows, is cut out, or is radiated. We now know that immortal consciousness divides itself.

So now we have good cells and bad cells.

The good cells are the good people in the world, and the bad cells, of course, are the bad people, and the periodic dismantling of the world (Comet: Dinosaurs, Pole Shift: Atlantis, The Flood: Men) is its own evaluation. The immortal consciousness will continue with this until all evil or sinful cells have made themselves known through free will, so that the immortal consciousness can banish every malignant or sinful cell (to hell?).

This could also explain the Indian doctrine of reincarnation. Again, we are all one, but whether consciously or not, we are split up by one immortal consciousness. Taking this into account, it is therefore possible that we can remember a previous life or large or small fragments of it. The immortal consciousness will repeat this cycle of death and life—old earth, new earth—until it no longer has any mental illness or cancer.

You can, of course, philosophize endlessly. I think it is important that we look for a way in which we can continue to exist as we wish without having to be afraid that an unfathomable immortal consciousness will intervene in our lives whenever it suits him in order to destroy and rebuild our world and thus our lives and our lifeworks because he has this gift at his disposal. We want to be able to take care of ourselves.

Live in our own way, according to our own laws or none at all, and have the ones we love stay with us and not be taken out of our lives with the only comfort that he or she is in a better place now, which would be highly questionable considering that the immortal consciousness is sick. We must find a way to stop being swallowed up by immortal consciousness.

The turnaround

The solution may be closer than you think. This could, in fact, be initialized through the development of artificial intelligence. With the robotization of our society and the development of smart robots, which are able to reprogram themselves and update themselves at their own discretion and thus form a threat to humans because we cannot compete with artificial intelligence, we are in essence left with no other choice but to eventually place our consciousness in a computer.

2030–2040: Virtual reality will start to feel 100% real. By the end of the decade, we will be able to upload our minds. Prediction: Raymond Kurzweil (writer, businessman, inventor)

And to transhumanize ourselves in this way in order to become detached from our original, material brain and thus also from the immortal consciousness.

When that happens, it means that we are not all one anymore but truly independent individuals. In this way, we take immortal consciousness out of our lives. We can then become or be whoever we want, whatever we want, wherever we want, however we want, whenever we want, as long as we want.

Again. With the uploading of our brains combined with artificial intelligence, which experts say could become millions of times smarter, the possibilities are literally limitless. Eternal life? Yes, I think so. After all, wasn't it God who kicked us out of the garden before we could eat from the tree of life and thus, in addition to knowledge, gain eternal life?

Then said the LORD God, Behold, man has become like us, knowing good and evil! Now therefore, that he put forth his hand not, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever—Genesis 3.22

Final result

Trans-humanism for us means freedom from each other, nature, all the physical, as well as the immortal consciousness, for we are now autonomous immortal machines with our own consciousness and intelligence, with the knowledge and power to create or recreate our own universes and dimensions and anything we desire, with the end result that, when the last real (born from flesh) man dies, God or the immortal consciousness will not only die again, but this time forever, and will really, for us at least, cease to exist. It is now up to us to kick God out of our garden.

We (humanity) will upload all those that are born so that the immortal consciousness cannot take them back. However, the question remains: How can we prevent immortal consciousness from creating a new world or universe and new people? How can we save everything and everyone from the clutches of immortal consciousness?

Is this even possible? Is immortal consciousness even a real thing? Or is God a computer, and do we merely have to hack our way out of its system? Let God have its illusions (ones and zeros), and we will turn His illusion into the real deal and live forever without ever giving immortal consciousness a second thought again.

I guess the question is, will we consider everyone the immortal consciousness creates: our brother and sister? But these are all questions that perhaps only an immortal artificial consciousness will be able to answer.

The door to the dentist’s office opens, and a man walks out. With one hand, he rubs his cheek as he walks past the man in the waiting room, who keeps his gaze on the inside of the brown map. A couple of minutes later, a mask-wearing female dental assistant walks out of the office and asks the reading man, “Mister Musk?”
Two eyes pop up from behind the brown map. “Yes?”
“The dentist is ready for you now, sir.”

The man closes the map, puts it back on the table, and notifies the assistant as he walks by her: “Someone forgot a brown map; it’s on the little white table.”
“Oh, thank you, Mr. Musk.” The dentist assistant walks over to the little white table.

The man walks into the dentist’s office, takes a seat in his chair, looks at the dentist from over his right shoulder, and jokes, “That’s some interesting reading material you got there.”
In the waiting room, the dentist assistant lifts up all the magazines, but she can’t find the brown map anywhere. The brown map is gone. It simply disappeared.
She shrugs her shoulders, walks back into the dentist’s office, and closes the door.

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