Jul 24, 2022

A New Past For an Old Future

Oct 04, 2022

When the Time Comes

Oct 02, 2022

Three in a Row: Meaning, For the Unprepared, Solve

MeaningYou can’t hate someone you don’t love.For The UnpreparedThe easy way is the wrong way out.The right way is the hard way in.SolveIf you want to really solve something, do not look at your problem; focus on the path that leads you towards it. Carefully follow your every step all the way back to where you came from; your problem will be lost when it reaches the end of your steps and won’t find you... more


Oct 02, 2022

Vast Past

Vast PastHouses are getting smaller.Buildings are getting taller.A phone is never alone.A chip in your head.You’re already dead.A new kind of manwill emerge from the cloud.A complete transitionfrom what life’s been about.Alive inside.A new kind of game.Dead inside.A new kind of name.Alive inside.Your warmth is now cold.Dead inside.You will do what you’re told.We watched nonstop TV for hours.While outside, the moon killed trees and flowers.Darkness got a free ride.It took full... more

Sep 14, 2022

Three in a Row: The Right Side, Use the Fire, Soul

The Right SideAlways be cautious around people who are on the right side of the law. They could, in a time of war, become your enemy if you are on the wrong side of the law in the eyes of whoever is controlling the law at that point of time.Use the FireCriticism and even bad words; don’t ignore any of it. It’s like sharpening a knife. The words hurt your ears, but it’s really getting you ready to cut through anything later in life.SoulThe day you realize that your life means... more

Sep 11, 2022

Innocent Monster

Innocent MonsterMy world was as small as a marble bag.I remember the darkness.The sudden silent kiss was deadly,like a snakebite.It told the entire storyin a language I couldn’t understand.The world was his.Freedom vanished before my ears;it became an instant illusion.My soul was sucked outand swallowed whole,trampled on by a thousand bare feet.I was never the same.The look in your eyeswhen I saw you again.Mysterious and elusive.That look in your eyes—you never liked me?That look in... more

Sep 08, 2022

Adam's Ale

Adam's AleMy dear,I have become water.I can never drown.Trust the transparency.I am a see-through crying clown;I blend right in,splashing on your skin.I've swum in the deep depths of the oceans.I poured down every dark morning sky.I was found on the moon.Water cannot lie.I carried Christ across the river.I'll clean your soul from worriesas I flow down your cheek.I am everything.I am everyone.I am the root of all life.I'll break down plastic soup if given the time.You'll... more

It Was Never You and I
Mr. X
Falling Into the Cosmos