May 09, 2021

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Jun 06, 2023

The Air-Filled Lake

The Air-Filled LakeThere was a lake filled with air.My mom and dad once took me there.From the bottom, I could see the sun up closeand all the dreams no one ever chose.While we drove up,time went back.Their eyes turned black.Water filled the sky.I held my breathand hoped to die.The air-filled lakewith liars in jars on the bottomand a flying snake.How could you understand?You’ve never been declared insane,dug tunnels undergroundto escape creepy voicesthat whisper in its name.Being the one... more


May 29, 2023

Isolation Creates Madness

May 05, 2023


ThoughtWhat if God is mad, and you're just a thought in his head? You, the thought, are about to learn. You, the thought, it is now your turn.Try making sense of things unseen. Let the others hear whatever you might mean—the thought that only brings you joy. Never stop being a little boy.Pave the way and let others ride. Look for love. Stay at home and hide. Your unlived youth will be sucked into time. A demon's dream: "You're now all mine!"Run until you see that... more

Apr 26, 2023

The Plant

The PlantPlease, factory floor, I can't take anymore. I swear, these machines were just breathing. The best thing in life is to wake up at five. Fight the demons that strife till you give in.Please, factory floor, I can't take anymore. Our love for machines means far more than our dreams. They make us run from the start. Forget the beat of a heart. They prefer the warmth of friction.We feed the machine. It's hungry and mean. Work with all of your might, from dawn until night.... more


Apr 23, 2023

Missing Memory

Missing MemoryThe way home, from wherever I'm coming from—may it never end. No one is there waiting for me; there is only silence and an ever-unmade memory.The front door squeaks like my heart—the opening of a portal, revealing an abandoned house. The grime—dustification of my soul.I hurt; I'm out of control. I cry out in the darkness, "God, there's nothing here to see; I'm a never-made memory."In every corner, inside every room, everywhere I... more


Apr 01, 2023

Crazy Close

Crazy CloseI have lost you for good.You are now on fire.I am just water.Lying in perfect stillness;flowing, evaporating, shapeless,tasteless throughout my life.That black dress.We’re a perfect mess.Your innocent laughter.It could have been the first thing I went after.You were never banned from my heart; I wouldn’t dare.Sometimes you're still everywhere.Your life with me is now only lived through my eyes.I wake up every morning and realize they’re lies.Chasing... more

My Endlessness
It Was Never You and I
Mr. X
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