Oct 04, 2022

When the Time Comes

Jan 28, 2023

Stick Around

Stick AroundLooking in the bathroom mirror,trying to see whomever resides there.A presence inside my eyes speaks to mewithout using words. It hates that I see it;it’s afraid I might free it.Half a decade of wallowing in the dirtsaving everyone but me from hurt.Eyes are meant to open after inflicting pain.A mouth is supposed to speak.Mentally crippled.Away from the sane,physically broken.Fear, needle, vein.It speaks: "You tell yourself a story, over and over, until you believe it to... more


Jan 21, 2023

Third Party

Third PartyThe bullies from the playground and their deprived victims—it is they who rule this world, and the brokenhearted remain brokenhearted. The ones that saw it stood there with an open mouth, traumatised and wondering what it was all about. It is us who try to conquer that voice from deep within. So if you ever see me, there is more to me than just my grin. Because I have seen the darkness, while you just chose to fight. Because I have seen the darkness, and I simply chose the... more

Jan 18, 2023

The Trap

The TrapSince the dawn of civilization, they have always been above; a crafty magician's nightmare, trickling down from up above.From the very depths of darkness, the master has returned to oversee who dreams amongst men, riding those that won't be burned.The matrix you can see when, at night, you close your eyes; the light inside the darkness won't expose their soothing lies.The story we were told about the way we're bought and sold: is it all a master plan keeping us from... more

Jan 08, 2023


SilviaI left her smiling at my door.I could not love her anymore.On my face, there was no frown—a feeling like a fucking clown,lying in her face,leaving her inside a maze.Church bells won’t be ringing.I am a basket case.The girl who’s taking all the blamewill live her restless life in shame,always wearing her disguise,but she’ll see right through your lies;lying in her face,leaving her inside a maze.Church bells won’t be ringing.I am a basket case.It's the... more

Dec 17, 2022

Blind Eye

Blind EyeShe’s there. I live in her eyes.She’s there, loving my disguise.She knows that I’m not here alone.She sees right through the lies;she’s not blind.She’s there, kissing everyone.I hide; I’ve already won.Deep in her heart, she knows I’m made of stone.One blink, and I am gone;she’s not blind.It seems that’s the way it goes:walking on someone else’s toes.Deep within my only soul,I know that I’m not blind;I just can’t... more

Dec 04, 2022

My Endlessness

My EndlessnessSomeday the heart will stopand your body will die.The universe will expand;another soul hits the sky.Scientists will look upin excitement and say:"We must add another zero!""The infinity of our universe!""We've only just begun to understand!"All the different numbers they'll scream out, but I know that it's you they'll be talking about.


My Endlessness
Mr. X
It Was Never You and I

Vincent van Zandvoort

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