180°If love equals courage, and hate equals cowardice, sending brave men off to war becomes an impossibility, and ‘their world’ would be turned upside down.

Sep 14

Si Song Aid

Si Song AidThe weightlessness of the dark beats the heaviness of the day.All the night’s sweet dreams has, during light, nothing to say.The sweetest desires come true in the misty glow of the moon.When the strongest wish is wished by you.When the demons get their crucial clue.When the sun shines for someone else, your eyes are opened shut.The rest of your life passes you by, when you’re told about how you will die.All the prayers in the world won’t save you.Now the light shows... more

Sep 14

Light and You

Light can merely expose darkness; it's still there, as it always will be. We must decide which path to follow, with darkness ever lurking. Not just today, but every day, again and again. It's never over.

Sep 07

Answer Her

She'll tell you all you need to hear, whisper softly in your ear, make you cry when she's in pain, make your life seem lived in vain. Draws you in with little nightmares, that have been dawning in her dream, and it's you that cannot stop them, you're just not the man you seem. But the reason for her madness is not another's fault. It's to make your soul dependent, so you'll fit right in her mold. As you climb out of your casket, and your world became her moon.... more

Sep 05

Hope and Doubt

If you want to hope, look at the big picture. If you want to doubt, look at the details.

Sep 04

Close Your Eyes

Darkness screams as the stars illuminate the space between them. Light burns a hole in all unholy matters. A scentless sight unseen by ears, unheard by eyes, unspoken by conscience; silence surrounds our weeping lips. The same old stroll creates a path of its own. Sleepwalk through the grounds of innocence, straight into the lizard's arms. These stars will fall, this earth will melt, this life will pass, the cards were dealt.

Sep 02

A Second