Vincent van Zandvoort
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May 05, 2023


What if God is mad, and you're just a thought in his head? You, the thought, are about to learn. You, the thought, it is now your turn.

Try making sense of things unseen. Let the others hear whatever you might mean—the thought that only brings you joy. Never stop being a little boy.

Pave the way and let others ride. Look for love. Stay at home and hide. Your unlived youth will be sucked into time. A demon's dream: "You're now all mine!"

Run until you see that He needs your assistance. Recognise the evil and prohibit its existence. When healing the hurt makes you proud, you're about to see what it's all about.

Carry on; feel Him pull you back. Carry on, become his favourite track. Until the church rings all its bells and He starts to think of someone else.

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