Originally coffee driven solo singer songwriter, now turned producer and music engineer.Donations very welcome :)

 Deep was established in 2009 When, Ben wrote his first song 'Row' and, with the help of a local studio at a community centre, Ben worked closely with a producer at the centre to create the 'Symbiosis' album which had tracks like 'Woozy' and 'Churchbells' on it to name but a few in 2015. Fueled with ideas by his producer, but still unsigned, Ben went on to create a third album from a tiny studio in Sale in 2016 called 'Deep-modulate' (A play on words on demodulate - which means to turn a digital signal analogue) So named as Ben had aquired a lot of digital equipment during the year, giving the album a 'Synth' feel. Some considerable time later, Ben had aquired a third instrument, a Keytar, and after careful thought, re-released Nocturnal Deep Symbiosis with more tracks and better quality.