Hi weirdo's!

Thanks for viewing our "Buy Me a Coffee" page! We're Alex & Christie, hosts of Weird Distractions Podcast. We both work in healthcare and found that amidst all the chaos that has been 2020, we needed a distraction - something to do outside of our jobs. We started our show in about March/April 2020 as we both love true crime, paranormal stories, and conspiracy theories; and wanted to share ones that weird us out.

You can listen to the show on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Goodpods and more! We release new episodes every Sunday and are looking into releasing more content come 2021 on Patreon, and maybe on here. :)

We appreciate your support as it allows us to upgrade technology, go on creepy adventures so we can relay our experiences to you and perhaps even look at doing merch!

Any feedback, story recommendations or emails just to say hi are always welcomed - you can touch base with us at <16>[email protected].

Need a distraction? We got you.

Love & weirdness,

Alex & Christie