Just wanted to say HELLO & thank you to our supporters so far! We are so appreciative!

We also wanted to advertise that we are looking for YOUR weird encounters of true crime, conspiracy theories, paranormal and more for our new Listener Distractions series.

We've already released one of these episodes and it was SO fun to do. We're hoping to make it a bi-monthly ordeal!

If you have a weird story that you want us to read on air, email us at: [email protected].

Previous listener stories have included:

  • Experiences at cemeteries

  • Seeing weird creatures at an abandoned amusement call

  • A friendly taco restaurant owner who got tied up in true crime

Tune in to this episode here: https://linktr.ee/WeirdDistractionsPod

Once again, thank you for your support! xo

With love & weirdness,

Alex & Christie