Independent photographer/programmer to start an unbiased photography lens testing site.

Lens visualization will help to overcome different bias types:

- Word bias. People try to read about optics, find what they like, but photography is straight image-to-brain operation. There are no words in this game. You have to justify visually.

- Brand bias. Brand stands for itself and for the cheerful crowd of its supporters. It's about joining club but not about becoming better artist.

- Personal bias. We all share a common situation: when making photos, there are no bad feelings about lens, but somehow you rarely use it and have no intention to further break ice in relations. Why? Your eye has no crave for this lens.

To get rid of all these crutches and cure lens obsession I created service that gives opportunity to blind-test lenses and find one that truly suits The Eye. Yeah, it's that simple: no names policy until you find your true optic love.