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I love making resources for people to teach and learn more about Computing. 

If you love my free resources and would like to buy me a drink to say thanks, please do; it would make my day!

Gus Balbuena
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Many thanks, William, for taking the time to prepare these wonderful resources.

Thanks so much for your support. There’s always more resources in the pipeline!

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Thanks anonymous friend for supporting me. Sending love and positivity your way!

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Thank you for sharing your positivity, resources and Computer Science tweets. 

You’re most welcome. Glad I can make a positive contribution. Thanks for your support.

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Number 2 fan, checking in  😊 

Let's call it a tie. In these situations there's a tie-breaker. Rock, paper, scissor or 1 min round on Frogger would settle it. Thanks again for your continued support. 😊 

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It will only let me buy you 5 coffees, so make sure they are chai tea lattes and enjoy every one of them x

Thanks for being my number 1 fan. I’ll send you photos of my teas!xxx