Hello! I just started with buy me a coffee. This year has been quite a whirlwind and I have been up to so many things. Let's do a quick update to catch you up on my crazy creative life.

Mini Musicians- This year was going to be a huge jump start for Mini Musicians, but Covid knocked me off my feet. Even though there were no physical updates for Mini Musicians, there were many digital updates! You can now go to my YouTube Channel (WRParker3) and watch Mini Musicians Mini Lessons. This playlist is an abbreviated version on the Mini Musicians program I typically put on in person. I have also added Mini Musicians Holiday Games as another way to get children to interact with music and have fun! Lastly, I received my first paycheck for my Mini Musicians Children's books. I will try to resume publishing more next year.

WRParker3 Music- I really haven't made much progress as far as recording new music or music performances. Hopefully next year will be better in this area.

Teaching- I am nearing full capacity for private lessons. The addition of online lessons has really beefed up my roster to the brim. I have also been able to teach several webinars as a panelist for takelessons.com. I am very blessed and love teaching!

Composing/Arranging- This actually has been an amazing year for composing and arranging music. I have sold sheet music, through Sheet Music Plus, internationally this year. I am so excited that my love for music has begun to reach out further than the United States! I have also had a great year for original compositions. I actually love what I have produced. Some of my title include; The Whale, The Ferris Wheel, and Fall Leaves. I enjoyed them enough to start up a soundcloud for the MP3s of my compositions. I do have a large project brewing and will share more with you as I continue my journey.

Well I think that brings up up to date for now. Stay tuned for more content soon!