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My name is Michael and I play guitar to inspire other people and because it is my passion! Ever since the virus, it has become hard to make a living with my guitar, so I can't play guitar in public with a tip jar anymore. 

I made this virtual tip jar page so people can support my mission to bring more peace into this world through my music and motivational messages!

Thank you for being YOU! May peace always be with you c:

JoAnne Jersey
JoAnne Jersey bought a coffee.

So inspirational! Blessings!

Tao Fletcher
Tao Fletcher bought a coffee.

Tao, I thank you for your generous contribution 😊🙏 Have a most wonderful holiday season!! ☺️ Enjoy your week!

JoAnne Jersey
JoAnne Jersey bought 3 coffees.

Wonderful story!

I am glad that you found it wonderful as well! c: It's one of my favorites! I am blessed with your support, thank you so much soul sister!

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Thank you again, my brother! ^^ I enjoyed our conversation yesterday, I can tell that you have a good heart. Much love and peace be your way! 

JoAnne Jersey
JoAnne Jersey bought a coffee.

This is wonderfully relaxing as cresting and resting intertwine.

What a nice comment and thoughtful donation, JoAnne! ^^ Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music and even supporting me! You're a wonderful person and friend, I am grateful (: