A natural waterfall in the heart of the city, a park with amazing blooms, sacred foxes and the charm of the old tram. Oji is a very unusual district of Tokyo! In the northern area of ​​Tokyo, Oji is a very quiet and not very touristy neighborhood, much loved by the most romantic and families. Asukayama Park is a green area with some museums and facilities, including a short free funicular. In spring, many cherry trees color this corner of Tokyo, while in the rainy season hydrangeas bloom on the road alongside the railway. In summer, it is pleasant to cool off in the artificial stream of Otonashi Water Park or stroll in Nanushinotaki Park, where there is a natural waterfall that has also been represented in some Ukiyo-e. The Oji Inari Shrine, is dedicated to foxes, and on New Year's Eve, the Kitsune from all over Japan take on a human aspect and gather here to celebrate hatsumode, the first visit of the year to the Shrine.