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I will put the names of the people who buy me a coffee at the end of the next episode of Rock Wars Worldwide.

Greetings Rock Warriors and Welcome to the Revolution!

Rock Wars Worldwide is the only Worldwide Battle of the Bands Channel on YouTube, but we are more than that. We have a podcast, terrestrial radio show, and ROKU TV show. It is our mission to bring amazing original indie bands to the public eye. With the current state of the music industry and the new streaming economy, a place to promote new bands is needed now more than ever. We have grown rapidly from a tiny YouTube channel with 7 bands from 3 countries to a full blown Rock community with over 80 bands from 26 countries. We have Champions from Australia, Spain, England, Ireland, America, and Russia.

Our bands are not only amazingly talented but they are also very grateful to have a place share their work with a much broader audience than their locale scene. Rock Wars Worldwide is very happy and proud to be that place. We are also a community of musicians that allow bands from across the globe to network and help each other out.

We are all volunteers and there is no payment for being on TV. I do everything in house, all the production is done by me. It is very much D.I.Y. and love it. There is never a fee for bands to compete in Rock Wars nor is there a charge for interviews, radio or TV airtime. We provide everything free of charge. I would like to put even more time, effort, and resources into Rock Wars Worldwide. To do that I need some help.

No matter what, I love what I do and will find a way to keep doing it. Any help you can provide though will enable me to help the bands I love so much more. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my page and deeply thank you in advance for even the smallest bit of support.

Please note that the tiers are in US dollars and depending on where you are from there may be some taxes applied.

Shawn Mahoney
Creator & Host of Rock Wars Worldwide👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a beer!
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Thank you Belinda. You are awesome. I appreciate it.

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$25 of $100 goal reached!

I will put the names of the people who buy me a coffee at the end of the next episode of Rock Wars Worldwide.