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Heyy! Thanks for taking an interest in my silly discord bot! You know the one~

Feel free to support me! Money will go towards hosting the bot, domain fees for the website, etc. Excess funds will go to commissioning writers to write more actions 

Supporting me will grant you unique perks with the bot. The current list of perks is:

  • Unlimited profiles
  • Double the daily reward and half the wait time
Seventian_Faust is now a member.

Such a great creation. I certainly am having a fun time using this bot. Thank you!

Levin bought 3 pizzas.

Thanks for making such a neat and fun bot, you have my support <3

Dark bought a pizza.

Feed you food to make you bigger food, dabberino

Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson is now a member.

Love this bot, first discovered it in Princess's server and can't wait to see more of it in the future.

@AwdriTheDergGod is now a member.

More support for a wonderful creator ❤️