Buy We Are West Ham a beer


Hi everyone,

If you've got this far, thanks so much.

We love doing the podcast and it often baffles us that other people actually like listening to what we have to say about West Ham each week.

But we have received some really kind and touching messages throughout the time we have been doing the pod and many of you have expressed a desire to buy us a pint or six!

We are hoping to arrange something that means we can all have a beer, a chat and a laugh together in person once things are back to normal. 

But we've set this up to enable you to buy us a drink in the meantime if you'd like to.

In case you are worried where the money will go, we can guarantee it will only be spent either behind a bar or on things that will make the We Are West Ham podcast better for you guys - be that improved equipment, guest fees or listener giveaways.

Thanks so much again for listening and supporting the podcast. It really means the world to us.


Will & James.