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Support me on a monthly basis
A Monthly draw for a FREE 30 Min Fitness Coaching Session
A Monthly draw for a FREE 30 Min Fitness Coaching Session

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HI!   (( ✋ ))
My name is Shelly Giggey, and I'm a holistic fitness & wellness Coach Practitioner.
Within that includes being a longtime veteran in the fitness industry, Wellness Coach Practitioner, Meditation Teacher & EFT Tapping Practitioner.
I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and taking on a very personal project, writing my first book ever.
It will help others who have been through or going through similar circumstances.
I'll have good stuff for you  coming. Ongoing Online classes and more! 💪

LADIES I just started a Women's group on Facebook. 
I'd love you to join The WELLPOWER Connection!
It's literally brand new and slowly growing.  See FB link below.
If you buy me a ☕, I would be genuinely appreciative of your kind gesture. ☮🙏🧠