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Westgate Studio, is a talented group of individuals who strive for the best. We create our builds according to their ideas and themes, and have experience in many building styles.

Hi! We are WestgateXL’s DevOPS Team, web designers & developers at…well, you guest it, “Westgate Studios". If you like our contents, Launcher and other developments, please consider buying us a cup of coffee and help keep the ball rolling and there's really no-max amount!

Below is a short list of things you will receive, just for you being nice:

  • Access to Private Coffee Scene Discord Server: Discussions, screenshots with us and even preview some of our private dev projects
  • Access to Exclusive Development News: Get updates on the WestgateXL Developments with screenshots to watch it grow and evolve
  • Access to Beta Archives: Beta Archives will include all beta/test versions of WestgateXL from Westgate Studios, so you'll get to check out the latest features of WestgateXL Projects before everyone else! These Beta versions may include some experimental features not seen in Release versions and much more..

Thank you for your support!