My oh my oh my... What a summer it's been!

I warn you now, that there is the chance that this could come across as "first world problems", so I'm just throwing that out there before it's thrown back.

Writing is a joy for me. It's therapeutic, it clears my mind, it's something that even though it takes effort and work, brings me such peace. So you can imagine how I'm feeling at the moment, nearing the end of the kids' summer holidays - where the opportunities to write have been scarce at best. 

I have three kids, aged (nearly 4), 6 & 9. They're amazing, and I love them to pieces. Recent years have given me the chance to be at home with them more as my wife has started working again after several years being a full-time Stay-at-Home Mum. The time and experiences gained in this would take an age to rhyme off for you, but to put it briefly - it's been good! The only thing to note, however, it when I have had my kids with me, as the sole parent for the day, by the end of the day, I'm exhausted. 

Exercise is probably in the same boat to be honest. Yes, I could have made time to write or to run, but when you're exhausted, finding the motivation has been far from easy.

I see this summer as full. It's been full of memories, fun, adventures, all the things a summer holiday should be. But I can't help but feel a little sad too. 

Feeling a little sad isn't a bad thing, and please don't mistake this as a plea for sympathy, but looking at a season that has been both really good; while also being a missed opportunity, pretty tiring, and a waiting game for certain things to start again to allow a bit of family routine to continue... That's the balance.

From next week, I'll resume my regular schedule again. Writing will resume. Publishing will resume. So stay tuned on here, and on my Wordpress for more of my work.

I hope you've had a great summer, and if you haven't - don't worry, you're not alone. 

Plus, Autumn is coming!