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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

Wild Boor Ideas spreads joy through a hodge lodge of puppetry, children's theatre, music and gentle clowning for early years children and their families.

It has created 12 children's theatre shows 🎭, 16 early years puppetry and play sessions and lots of lovely workshops over its 20 years in the world.

Due to COVID 19 I am trying out some online content and some illustration work but I do hope to be performing live with you again soon.

Take Care and keep smiling!🤗

Tegan Bennett
Tegan Bennett bought 5 coffees.

We love the videos. My boys look forward to your new ones and sing your "wild boor tv" jingle constantly.

Emily Marshall
Emily Marshall bought a coffee.

For the chicken x

Cathy Oliveira
Cathy Oliveira bought 5 coffees.

Wow thank you Cathy! So so kind of you. Hope you are all well. Em xxx

Sophie bought 5 coffees.

We loved it! Baby sock was a particular hit here. However, much as I love our new brood of sock goblins, I’m rapidly running out of socks!