Buy Wildkatt on the Road a cat food sachet


Hi.. here you can donate £1 or more to buy me a coffee, cat food sachet, or just £1 donation to be spent where it is needed most. 

This can also be nominated to be spent on the much needed new / old van conversion into our travelling home, a care package to help my well-being or the cats expenses.

I am dedicating my life to giving my feline family, who are also my therapy cats, the best opportunity to have adventures in the most natural environment possible, alongside my Spiritual journey of helping heal / teach those drawn to cross my path, whilst spreading unconditional love.

This is especially important for the savannah cats I take on, which are a full time commitment and not suitable as pets, to give them the quality of life they deserve. 

.. every £1 donation counts and is truly appreciated to help me fulfill this and support my preferred life living in my van. 

With love and gratitude

x Wildkatt x